Ebola-Thinning Out the Masses

I think many people who have their eyes open to the truth, like me, have been expecting something like the Ebola virus to break out any time. A lot of people think that I’m an alarmist, but now I think they’re starting to believe. The United States government planted a new strain of Ebola in Africa that will now thin out half of the Earth’s population.

According to the World Health Organization, Ebola is a severe illness in humans.  Ebola has a 50% fatality rate.  The virus is transmitted to people from animals in the wild and from human-to-human contact. “There are currently no licensed Ebola vaccines…”

WHAT!? There are no vaccines for a virus with a 50% fatality rate.  You have got to be kidding me.  The History of Vaccines, states that the creation of vaccines is a, “long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.” Read More


And now the phone companies are in on the act…

It seems like everywhere you turn, with everything you do, there’s someone trying to screw you. And by screw you, I mean take your money, you freedom, your liberties and your property.

It’s endemic. If it’s not the government, it’s the police or the banks or the big pharma companies. Or, in this case, it’s the phone companies.

I called AT&T yesterday because my connection is shit. I don’t know what it is or how it’s being caused but it’s not good.

I have to stand on one foot, on the third tile to the right of my garbage bin, but only when the sun is shining on the third Sunday of the month.

Ok, so not exactly, but you get what I mean. It sucks and it’s not consistent.

I’ve called them 10 times to complain “How hard is it to get it right? All I want to do is what I’ve paid you to let me do. I want to use my phone to call people. Can’t you make it work?”

And I always get the same old response “We’re sorry Sir, but you live in a very remote location. It’s hard for us to provide good coverage for you. I suggest you upgrade to a…” and that’s where I tag out.

They always try to sell me some other shit and tell me how I’m at fault and how I have to fix it rather than just fixing my problem.

This is despite the fact that I’ve paid them, every month, like I’m supposed to. And in return, they’ve delivered nothing expect problems.

But I’ve found a way to beat them :-)

They think they’re invincible. They think they’re so tough. They try to hold this ‘contract’ thing over my head like a lead weight.

They think they can continue to give me poor service without having to worry about me leaving because I’m locked to their system.

But not anymore.

I started doing some research into iPhone unlocking and I found this.

It’s turns out you can get your phone unlocked from them without them having a say in it. You don’t have to put up with thier shitty service and they can’t just get away with not doing anything about it.

So I’ve unlocked my phone and I’m saying goodbye to AT&T.


No more extortion. No more bullshit. No more having to stand on one foot in the rain just to order a pizza.

Now I’m free – of their lies, of their bullshit, of their hassles and attempted upsells.

See you later :-)

How to attract women

The Modern Dating Scene Is A Total Racket

I’m pretty sure you’ve all realized it, but has anyone noticed how warped the concept of relationships has become in this country? Seriously, the dating scene in America has become superficial and promiscuous, yet at the same time as a culture we’re more sexually repressed than ever. Quite frankly, it’s downright disgusting.

On one side, you’ve got the ultra-conservative “traditional” values working overtime to preserve the “sanctity of marriage”, keep the young girls “pure”, and make sure those wild and crazy young couples aren’t doing stupid stuff like having sex before tying the know. And on the other side, there are sleazy dance clubs and human scum like pick-up artists making money off desperate men, all culminating in this insidious thing we call “hook-up culture“.

What’s happening? Who’s responsible? And why is it a problem?

First, you’ve got these ridiculous societal standards, implemented and hugely encouraged by the American media. Show a bunch of insanely and unrealistically attractive people, doing cool things, and getting laid – of course that will appeal to the shallow masses. People with no ambition except but to live fast and look good will do anything they can to get the shiniest and best stuff. Instead of actually doing cool things or being a cool person, this is a country where you can just buy “coolness” instead.

Now, enter the pick-up artist. These total sleazebags are nothing but scammers and marketers who make a killing offering lame, manipulative “advice” to guys who don’t give a rat’s ass about personal connection or whatever, they just want to have sex. Pick-up artists and “the seduction community” are ruining the most important part of dating: The fact that you should probably be a half-decent person before you start trying to get close to anyone else.

Seriously, these money-grubbing idiots are running around selling “advice” to guys about how to improve “game”. Not all the dating advice out there is like that – for example, this site has some uniquely honest advice about attracting women – but it seems to me that the majority of guys would prefer to trick a woman into thinking they’re a good idea, rather than putting in the effort to actually be an interesting and decent human.

Then, you’ve got that double standard that says a woman with lots of partners is a “skank”, when a guy with lots of partners is a “stud”. So how does that work? You’ve got a culture that teaches women they’re objects that need sexual control, and then you’ve got a bunch of scuzzy guys pulling “game” on women that have been raised to be easily manipulated.

And in the end, who makes the most money off this whole debacle? Corporate America, of course! There are industries making billions off the “sheeple” who think it’s the achievement of a lifetime to appear rich and attractive, end up completely fake and shallow with no real personality, and get laid by equally fake, shallow partners. It’s all right there in front of you if you know what to look for. Stop buying in.